Last Man Standing – The Irby Club


Last Man Standing


1. You begin the competition with 3 lives.
2. All teams have to be selected/ entry form completed prior to the start of the competition.
3. Select ONE team you think will WIN their game from each Game Week (GW).
4. You can only pick a particular team ONCE during each competition (i.e a DIFFERENT team needs to be selected for each GW).
5. If your selected team loses or draws in that GW, you lose a life.
6. If you inadvertently select a team more than once during the competition, you will lose a life on each selected game after your 1st selected game for that team.
7. If your selected team is playing in a CUP game in any GW, your selection reverts to that cup game and the result at 90 minutes.
8. If your selected team doesn’t play in either the cup or league game that Gameweek then, you lose a life (rearranged games are not counted).
9. If your selected team’s game is postponed from any Game week (including games moved for cup purposes or bad weather) you lose a life.
10. If a game is abandoned then the score at the time of the abandonment applies.
11. The competition ends when there is only ONE person left standing with a life (or lives) and they will win the cash prize.
12. If more than one person is left standing and they each lose their last life in the same week they will share the cash prize.
13. There will be no rollover of the cash prize following the final week of each competition. If the competition continues through all 13 Gameweeks then anyone at that time with 2 lives will win/share the cash prize. If no one has 2 lives, then anyone with 1 life will win/share the cash prize.
14. Club members, family or friends can enter as many times as they like in the competition (£10.00 per entry).

AIM: The aim of the competition is to raise funds for additional club events with 75% of the proceeds going to the Competition winner(s) and 25% to the Club. NB: Please keep a copy (take a photo on your mobile) of your selections in case of a need for future reference


All Entry Forms and Fee (£10) must be in and paid before the start of the Season to Dave Peers
Dave Peers will be in the club most Fridays after work.  If you can’t make it, please put your Entry Form and Fee (£10) in an envelope and hand to Aggie or Chris FAO  of Dave Peers.

This competition is for club members only